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Community Programs

Vital behavioral health services for our community

The Council on Recovery is Houston’s leading behavioral health provider of substance abuse prevention and education programs. Our proven prevention programs are changing the substance abuse landscape by preventing problems before they start at home, school, or work. Our evidence-based educational programs for individuals, families, schools, clinicians, and employers are creating immediate and lasting impact across all stages of life.

By emphasizing prevention and encouraging a better-educated community, we help stem the tide of substance abuse in its earlier, more treatable stages. That creates a brighter future for all. The Council’s prevention and education programs and services include:

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In-School Prevention & Education

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Recovery Support Services

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State-funded Outreach, Screening, Assessment, & Referral

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Cradles Project

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Older Adult Services

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Behavioral Health Training Institute

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Workplace Solutions

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Prevention Resource Center

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How much does this cost?

The Council on Recovery is a non-profit organization that has been able to thrive for decades thanks to the financial support of our community.  Organizations, companies, and the general public help keep The Council's efforts going strong through foundation gifts, private donations, fundraising events, public grants, and United Way funding.  In return for this generous support, The Council is able to provide all of our community programs and services to everyone who needs them, regardless of their ability to pay. 


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If you like our work and would want to help us keep our community programs free and widely available, consider giving us a donation. You can also support us by doing volunteer work at The Council, attending our Speaker Series luncheons, or providing other kinds of help (such as donating in-kind gifts, planned gifts, etc.). Finally, if you represent a group and are organizing a meet-up or a presentation, consider renting one of our venues for your event.