You can help us in other ways.

Your support helps The Council on Recovery make a difference to those seeking treatment and a new life in recovery. Aside from making a contribution, doing volunteer work or attending at our annual Speaker Series, you can help us in a number of other ways. For questions about any of our giving options, please contact Monica Brown-Broussard, Chief Advancement and Administrative Officer, at 281.200.9337 or send an e-mail to

In-kind Gifts

The Council on Recovery gratefully receives items such as gently-worn clothing and blankets, new/unused personal items, and items for mothers in Family House to care for their babies and children. Contributions of these items are tax-deductible. Our current “Wish List” includes:

  • Towels
  • Art supplies (watercolors, pastel chalks)
  • Men’s underwear and socks
  • Sports equipment
  • Yoga mats
  • Bath mats
  • Women’s one-piece bathing suits
  • Shoes – size 10 toddler to size 4 kids (boys & girls)
  • Socks – all sizes
  • Diapers – all sizes
  • Formula – Enfamil with iron or Similac

Planned Gifts

From when it first opened its doors in Houston in 1946, friends and supporters of The Council on Recovery began building a legacy – a place that would offer compassionate and effective treatment for those living with alcohol and substance addictions. Through a planned gift to The Council on Recovery from your estate, you are building a future for The Council on Recovery and those we serve.

There are a number of ways for you to create a planned gift or bequest to The Council on Recovery. From naming us as a beneficiary in your will to a more complex trust arrangement, our team of planned giving advisors will work with you to create the right gift that meets your needs. Get in touch, and we'll make it work.

Donate Your Car

If you're thinking of replacing your car soon, you should know that selling it is not your only option. In cooperation with Donate For Charity, The Council on Recovery is conducting a vehicle donation program that lets you gift your vehicle to our organization, and receive its auction sales price as a tax deduction. This way, not only do you avoid the possibility of receiving a low trade-in value from a dealer or the hassle of selling to a private party, but you also help the Council maintain and expand our efforts in the community.

If you make the decision to gift your vehicle, call Donate For Charity toll-free at 866.392.4483 or donate online at Your car will be picked up free of charge, and sold at auction at a fair price. Once the vehicle has been sold, the proceeds will go to The Council on Recovery, and you will receive a receipt entitling you to a tax deduction.

Giving Stock

The Council on Recovery gratefully accepts gifts of stock, appreciated assets, and publicly-traded stocks and bonds in support of our work. A stock portfolio is often among your most valuable assets, and one that carries substantial capital gain — appreciation in value. The downside to assets that have increased in value over the years is that the federal government is prepared to levy taxes of up to 15 percent on your capital gain from securities.

If you make a contribution in stock to The Council on Recovery, not only can you reduce or even avoid federal capital gains tax, but also show your consideration for our community. As with all transactions involving stocks or appreciated assets, you should discuss potential advantages and disadvantages of such transactions with your financial consultant or attorney.

Become a Corporate Partner

As a major metropolitan city, we Houstonians must continue to develop our resources and infrastructure to keep pace with our city’s growth, ensuring our economic and social well-being. The impact of potential savings of treatment cannot be underestimated – alcohol and drug abuse costs Texas $25 billion each year. Corporate partnerships are an important part of our work through education, services and accessibility to cost-effective and compassionate treatment.