Mindfulness Meditations in Houston, TX

with Mel Taylor, MSW, President Emeritus

Meditation candle

Meditation is a tool to abide in the present moment and to reach inner peace and calmness. Studies suggest that mindfulness meditation can physically change the brain. The parts of the brain that are responsible for anxiety and depression shrink whereas those regions associated with cognition, happiness and calmness increase in size. Studies have also found that regular meditation can boost the immune system. People in recovery can especially benefit from daily mindfulness meditations.

These meditations are led by Mel Taylor, President Emeritus of The Council on Recovery, and mindfulness meditation teacher certified by The Mindfulness Center. Meditations are listed below and will be posted regularly, so follow us on social media or check this page regularly for updates. Find a quiet room to yourself, sit down and simply listen to the meditation, following Mel's prompts. If you are experiencing chronic stress and anxiety, contact us to discuss treatment options.