The Waggoners Foundation Speaker Series

The Council's Spring & Fall Fundraising Events

The Waggoners Foundation Speaker Series was created in memory of June and Virgil Waggoner’s son Jay, who died of alcoholism at the young age of 36. Since 1999, this premier charity event has gained national recognition and our Spring and Fall Luncheons are two of the largest philanthropic gatherings in Houston. Since its inception, the Waggoners Foundation Speaker Series has been promoting a healthy, addiction-free lifestyle and the benefits it brings to our entire community.

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Finding North

Stories to Guide, Heal, & Inspire

Finding North is The Council on Recovery's virtual fundraising series. In Finding North's premiere event, we heard powerful stories from from legendary boxer, philanthropist, and best-selling author Sugar Ray Leonard as well as former clients.

As our community navigates this challenging COVID-19 era, The Council's work to help individuals and families impacted by addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders is more important than ever before. Thanks to the support of our sponsors and donors, this event was available to the general public at no cost.

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