Leadership & Board

Dedicated to our cause, committed to our mission.

The Council on Recovery is Houston’s oldest and largest non-profit organization providing support, information, and outpatient treatment to all who are adversely affected by alcohol, drugs, and addiction-related issues. Founded in 1946, The Council on Recovery is the leading provider of prevention, education, treatment, and recovery services in the Greater Houston area.

We have gathered a dedicated team of experts in the field of recovery. At the helm of the organization is our administrative team, led by William M. “Mel” Taylor, MSW, President & CEO. All of our operations are run under the watchful eye of three boards - the Board of Trustees, the Foundation Board, and the Advisory Board. This structure ensures unwavering focus on our mission and total commitment to improving the health and well-being of our community.

Administrative Leadership

William M. “Mel” Taylor, MSW

President & Chief Executive Officer

Mary Beck, LMSW, CAI

Executive Vice President

Monica Brown-Broussard, MBA

Chief Advancement & Administrative Officer

Sarah F. Searle, MSW, CPA

Chief Accounting Officer

Board Leadership (2018/2019)

Board of Trustees

Angela Pisecco – Chairman of the Board

Joe Matula – Treasurer

Joanie Kirksey – Secretary


Devon Anderson

Lauren Anderson

Bob Candito

Jerri Duddlesten Moore

Jerry England

Matthew Goldsby

Cathy Herrington Hale

Maria Hendershott

Robert Hendrix

Trent Hrncir


Marvin Lummis

Joe Matula

Harlan Murphy

Jim Nastoff

Bob Newhouse

Gary Petersen

Lad Rack

Rick Renaudin

Anne Singley

Diane St. Yves

Craig Taylor

Erika Tolar

Carol Trahan

Tony Valadez

Dimitri Zgourides

Foundation Board

Dean Quinn – Chairman of the Board


Rob Arnold

Jim Braniff, IV

Jack Daniel

John Kirksey

Marc Melcher

Jeffrey Miller

Ellen Rutherford

Carol Warley

Advisory Board

Huston Able

Devon Anderson

Lance Baird

Kim Boone

Morgan Bomar

Cindi Boudreaux

Kim Burnett

Fairalee (Lee) Carrier

Rhett Carter

Victoria Constance

Meredith Cullen

Mark Deaton

Rev. Betty Divine

Mike Dokupil

Carol Farnsworth

Craig Fecel, II

Aaron Fink, MD

Sarah Foshee

Susanne W. Galtney

Chris Gray

Justin Haedicke

John Harrison

Dr. Zach Hodges

Kathy Hood

Marjorie Hutcheson

Andrew Johnston

Patrick Keegan

Judge Steven Kirkland

Will Kopp

Jes Kramer

Miriam McHenry

Barbara Metcalf

Kelly Miller

Keith Morris

Vanetta Murphree Peterson

Charlie Musslewhite

Chevo Pastrano

Jane Pendergraft

Amanda Polich

Meribeth Privett Rack

Christopher Rives

Dennis Robinson

Brad Sears

Jay Sitta

Dana Smith

Johnny Stevens

Craig Taylor

Rachel Tova Winer

Margaret Vinson

Tony L. Visage

Robert Wagner

Nancy Wakefield

Honorary Lifetime Board

Greg Armstrong

Kirby Attwell

Hamilton Beazley

Dan Cartwright

Julie Goudie

L.A. Greene

Sara Haynes


John Hopper

Rick Laminack

Harry Lucas, Jr.

Candace McMurrey

Dan Neale

Whipple Newell

Austin O'Toole

George Pletcher

Anne McCullough Shallenberger

Sandy Sutherland

Gregg Thompson

June Waggoner

Marthann Masterson Weaber

Mary Worscheh

Nancy Younger