Adolescent Services & Parent Education

Adolescence is a time of change, growth, and experimentation. But sometimes experimentation turns into abuse or dependence upon alcohol, drugs, or other compulsive behaviors. That can tear a family apart. Watching an adolescent struggle with high-risk behavioral problems or co-occurring mental health disorders can leave parents feeling overwhelmed and sometimes hopeless. The Center for Recovering Families understands the problem at its core. Upon that understanding, we've built a wide range of highly-effective services that provide hope and healing for teens, parents, and the whole family.

The Center for Recovering Families' Adolescent Services and Parent Education include:

  • If your teen is experimenting with or abusing alcohol or drugs, this class is ideal. The 3-month curriculum is taught by Masters-level therapists who understand adolescent behavior and create an interactive, fun atmosphere. Teens learn the biological basis of addictive behavior; how stress and family issues trigger high-risk behavior; and how to communicate assertively and use positive coping skills.

  • While your teen participates in the High Risk Behavior class, you can concurrently participate in Parent Group with other parents of teens in the class. You’ll learn important information about teenage alcoholism, substance abuse, and other high risk behaviors. By sharing your common experiences and feelings in an atmosphere of strength, hope, and support, you’ll learn new parenting techniques and get real solutions to serious problems.

  • Group therapy accelerates self-discovery around issues of fear, trust and dependency and helps your teen explore, identify, and resolve underlying emotional issues. In the safety of a small group, therapists help teens address specific behaviors and core beliefs, and the addictions used to cope with them. Your teen will also learn new problem-solving techniques and practice handling difficult situations in a supportive environment.

  • We also offer individual, family, and group therapy to help adolescents and their families build healthier coping skills, adopt new communication patterns, and improve family functioning.

  • Personalized parent coaching helps parents learn and understand what principles and techniques are most effective with adolescents.

  • Alternative Peer Group (APG) Referrals
  • Brown Bag Seminars

To learn more about our Adolescent Services & Parent Education at the Center for Recovering Families, call 713.914.0556contact us directly or read our Adolescents Program Flyer.