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Mindful Choices

Adolescent high-risk behavior course for teens & parents

Is your teen experimenting with or just starting to abuse alcohol or drugs? Are they engaging in high-risk behaviors, such as vaping, alcohol use, smoking, experimentation with drugs, or technology abuse? Do they have self-esteem or self-worth issues? Mindful Choices is the Center for Recovering Families’ adolescent high-risk behavior course for teenagers and their parents that addresses these problems in the early, treatable stages.

Mindful Choices creates a uniquely interactive and engaging atmosphere in which teens gain the knowledge and tools they need in a world of risky choices. Concurrently, their parents learn about the same topics in another room. At the conclusion of each class, adolescents and their parents come together with a common understanding of the same issues and the basis for truly meaningful discussion.

Note: Admission to Mindful Choices requires an in-person interview and assessment of both the adolescent and parent(s). For details, click here.

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How does it work?

Families participating in Mindful Choices high-risk behavior course will receive:

  • Assessment
  • Four classes for teens and parents, covering topics related to high-risk behaviors teens deal with daily
  • Four therapy sessions for the teen
  • Three parent coaching sessions
  • Drug Testing

Through evidence-based education, teens and parents learn:

  • Triggers for risky behavior
  • How to communicate assertively
  • Refusal skills
  • How teens can use judgement, self-management, impulse control, and other skills to thrive

To assure that Mindful Choices is appropriate for each participant, admission to the course requires an in-person interview and assessment of both the adolescent and parent(s).

To make an appointment for an assessment, or if you have any questions about Mindful Choices at the Center for Recovering Families, call 713-914-0556, email CRF@councilonrecovery.org, or contact us online.