The Cradles Project

The Cradles Project is a gender specific intervention program that provides services to pregnant and post-partum women and adolescents who currently use substances or who may be at risk for substance abuse. The program is designed to facilitate a healthy substance free lifestyle for mothers with young children and to reduce the incidences of substance exposed babies.  The Cradles Project offers on-site, and community-based services that include substance abuse and parenting education, support and encouragement, case management, healthy bonding activities, and classes to build coping skills to manage past trauma. The Cradles Project is supported by a grant from the Texas Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHSC) Pregnant Postpartum Intervention (PPI) Program. For more information about our Cradles Project in Houston, please contact 281.200.9108, message us at, or consult the Cradles Program Flyer (Spanish Version).

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