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Workplace Solutions

Helping employers face the realities of employee addiction.

The Council on Recovery believes it is crucial for employers to understand addiction and its impact on the workplace. Employees struggling with alcoholism, drug abuse, and other addictions often bring these disorders to work. The results from such employee impairment can range from minor disruptions to major job-site catastrophes.

Many companies have substance use policies. Some have random drug testing. Still others have Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) as resources for obtaining counseling and treatment. The Council on Recovery works closely with employers on these initiatives. More importantly, our full spectrum of prevention, education, treatment, and recovery services intersect with employer efforts to mitigate the problem and/or deal with it when it occurs.

The Council actively partners with C-suite management, human resources departments, and in-house EAPs to develop effective strategies for dealing with addiction as it affects the workplace. We advise on written drug policies. We help craft and conduct in-house prevention and education programs. We coordinate employee interventions and referrals to rehab. We provide clinical assessments, intensive outpatient treatment, aftercare, and return-to-work certification.

As the oldest and largest non-profit organization of its kind, The Council on Recovery has gratefully received philanthropic support from local corporations and foundations for many years. Our provision of Workplace Solutions acknowledges the importance of our relationship with Houston's business community. Our commitment to helping companies' employees and their families recover from the devastation of addiction is rock-solid. In short, we are a source of healing and hope to all.

For more information about contracting The Council's Workplace Solutions, please call 713-942-4100, email marketing@councilonrecovery.org or contact us on-line.

The Council on Recovery is also a participating in-network provider of substance abuse treatment services and counseling for a number of commercial and employer-sponsored EAPs in Houston. Talk to your company's EAP or human resources department for more information.