Screening & Assessment

Recognizing that you or your loved one have a problem with alcoholism, addiction, or other mental health issue, and seeking help, is the key first step on your journey to recovery. The next step is clinical screening and therapeutic assessment. Our dedicated professionals will meet with you in-person to understand your situation and determine what needs to be done. While this may sound daunting, we’re experienced at helping you feel comfortable and safe during this process.

After the assessment, our experts will share their findings with you along with their recommendations for an immediate course of action. This may include a referral for intensive outpatient treatment or counseling at The Council. It may mean a referral to detoxification, inpatient (residential) treatment, or other recovery services in the community. We may also refer you to outside medical or developmental services, if we think you would benefit from them.

The Council on Recovery also offers comprehensive Substance Use Evaluations with a written report. These are for clients who are in need of an evaluation to provide to another party such as probation, an employer, or the court.

If you need a Substance Use Evaluation or would like to know more about The Council's treatment programs, read our Center for Recovering Families Brochure, call 713.914.0556 or contact us directly.

How does it work?

At The Council, therapeutic assessments are performed by experienced mental health and substance abuse professionals who will use these evaluations to develop a treatment plan that address each client’s individual needs.

During your assessment we’ll talk to you about the history of your problem, patterns of your use of drugs and/or alcohol and compulsive behaviors, and about your family and what things were like for you growing up.