Vaping 101

Why The Council is Addressing Vaping

When it comes to vaping, a lack of reliable information on the matter combined with sensational nightly news stories can tempt us into dismissing this phenomenon as just another overhyped story. At The Council on Recovery, we believe that the dramatic increase in vaping is indeed cause for concern. Anytime a substance alters the way the brain functions, there is potential for abuse and addiction. This is particularly true for young people whose brains are not yet fully developed, and are highly susceptible to changes in the way their brains responds to pleasure. But our goal is not to scare you – rather, we want to empower you with information  and resources you can trust to make your own choice.

Programs and Services

The Council's response to the emergence of vaping is based on decades of work delivering substance use treatment and education, and builds on programs to deliver targeted and issue-specific supports to teens and their families.
  • Vaping is an issue that will take the whole community to address, and is a topic on which community members are already turning to The Council for education and resources. See below for a full list of our vaping-related events. The Council offers vaping presentations for professionals, educators, parents, and students. For more information, contact

  • The Mindful Choices class offers in-depth education for adolescents and their parents on multiple topics such as vaping, including its impact on other substance use, mental health, and brain development. The Council’s psychoeducation class also works to build adolescents’ executive functioning to give them the social and emotional skills necessary to make healthy decisions and navigate difficult situations. Parents receive education alongside their children, including information to help them recognize and respond to risky behaviors, as well as effective parenting skills for managing their child’s behavior.

  • The Council on Recovery's Choices program is a comprehensive, multiple high-risk behavior prevention and intervention program tailored to meet each school's unique needs. The program utilizes evidence-based methods for reducing high-risk behavior such as vaping by working directly with school culture and creating student, parent, faculty action groups to achieve positive outcomes. By addressing the entire school-specific system, Choices delivers specialized programming to universal, selective, and indicated target audiences within each school through close interaction between faculty, parents, and students. For information regarding how to create a Choices program in your school, please contact (281) 200-9272.

  • Teens who are experimenting with vaping can undergo a comprehensive screening and assessment and receive personalized recommendations such as psychoeducation, individual and family therapy, parent coaching, and participation in our Mindful Choices classes. To make an appointment for an assessment, or if you have any questions about treatment at the Center for Recovering Families, call 713-914-0556, email, or contact us online.

Upcoming Events

  • January 11th, 2020. 10-11am. The Family Hour is a quarterly lecture and Q&A series that focuses on the disease of addiction and its inevitable impact on the entire family. Hosted by our Center for Recovering Families and facilitated by Center experts, this community series is free and open to all families, loved ones, and members of our community who seek up-to-date, accurate information about addiction and related issues. The upcoming Family Hour will be a discussion on vaping and marijuana. No registration is required, but seating is limited. For more information, contact the Center for Recovering Families at (713) 914-0556.

  • February 21st, 2020. 8am - 4 pm. This day-long conference brings together local healthcare, social work, law enforcement, government, and community professionals to take a multi-layered approach to addressing the increasing issue of vaping among adolescents. Register here.

To make an appointment for a clinical assessment, or if you have any questions about how we can help you or a loved one struggling with vaping, call 713-914-0556 or contact us online.