The Red Flag Warnings of Cocaine Use and Withdrawal

drugabuse shutterstock220086538 cocaine feature image cocaineAlthough the opioid  epidemic has recently taken the spotlight and overshadowed the devastating impact of other substances, the use of cocaine has remained steady since 2009. Cocaine is a potent stimulant drug. It comes in a powder form and also a solid rock form typically known as ‘crack’. If you feel someone you know and love may have a problem with cocaine, there are many clear warning signals to look for.

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Alcoholism…Are Genes to Blame?

Are issues with alcohol a future risk for you? Have you ever questioned yourself and thought, “Am I an alcoholic?”

Many Americans drink alcohol, but can have one drink and put it down for the rest of the evening. Not everyone who drinks develops a dependence on alcohol. However, many individuals are concerned about their chances of struggling with alcohol dependence due to their genetic predisposition. The question is, “How much do genes truly affect the likelihood of becoming an alcoholic?”

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Relapse & Renewal Clinic’s Key to Success: Recovery Support Consultants

New sobriety can be a challenging and lonely time. Even after inpatient treatment or attendance of Twelve Step meetings, resisting relapse can be difficult without proper guidance. The Council on Recovery’s Relapse & Renewal Clinic provides that guidance and personalized one-on-one assistance through its innovative use of Recovery Support Consultants.

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