The Council on Recovery to Launch First-Ever Relapse & Renewal Clinic January 3, 2017


On January 3, 2017, The Council on Recovery will launch its first-ever Relapse & Renewal Clinic™, a revolutionary approach for helping alcoholics and drug addicts in recovery who are struggling with sobriety, even after completing inpatient rehab or participating in 12-Step groups.

“All too often, people get out of treatment and enter 12-Step groups only to find they’re still threatened by the compulsion to drink or use,” said Mel Taylor, President & CEO of The Council on Recovery. “Statistics indicate that 65% of those people relapse within their first year of sobriety. This is the single greatest risk to the recovering individual and an exploding cost to society and our healthcare system.”

The Relapse & Renewal Clinic™ is a comprehensive outpatient program that combines support, education, group therapy, and personalized one-on-one assistance to help address back-sliding and strengthen the desire to stay sober.

“The Council on Recovery has taken the lead to reduce relapse by creating this strategic and ongoing positive-intervention program,” said Taylor. “We provide the necessary tools and skills that are otherwise missing for many people post-treatment. We help them implement an immediately actionable plan for preventing relapse and maintaining their enthusiasm for recovery,”

The Relapse & Renewal Clinic™ is directed by renowned behavioral health clinician, Lori Fiester, LCSW and Director of The Council on Recovery’s Center for Recovering Families.

“Sometimes, people who’ve been sober a while –even years– find themselves struggling against relapse, or what some in the mental health community call ‘pre-lapse’.” Fiester said. “Our program anticipates these struggles and provides immediate solutions for preventing relapse and renewing confidence in sobriety. It’s both intensive and supportive, and, whenever possible, we always involve the entire family in the recovery process.”

“The program’s biggest advantage is that participants don’t have to start over in the treatment process, but rather engage in their recovery ‘where they are’,” Fiester said. “We don’t focus on negatives, like shame of relapse, but instead take the time to dig into the issues that arose in early sobriety that still need attention. We help clients build resiliency and self-care that heals and strengthens.”

The Relapse & Renewal Clinic™ is a 4-week program which gives participants sufficient time to practice recovery skills and connect more deeply with the recovery community. Beginning with a clinical assessment, participants develop an action plan comprised of psychoeducational classes and group counseling sessions held at The Council. In addition to personalized treatment, each Clinic participant is assigned a Recovery Support Consultant to provide direct one-on-one assistance, as well as support for continuing to attend 12-Step meetings.

“The Recovery Support Consultant is the key to the success of the Relapse & Renewal Clinic™,” Fiester said. “Each Consultant is specially trained in relapse prevention and sobriety support, and is an active member of the Houston recovery community. They are uniquely qualified to guide Clinic participants, whether that means taking them to 12-Step meetings, navigating treatment resources, or just being a reliable, understanding person to call at times of struggle or potential relapse.”

The Relapse & Renewal Clinic™ is designed as an affordable alternative to going back into a residential facility or sober-living arrangement when such approaches may not be possible or necessary. Priced on a monthly basis, the Clinic is available to everyone regardless of length of sobriety or number of relapses.

“Relapse is a huge threat to recovery that has not been effectively addressed, until now,” Taylor said. “The Relapse & Renewal Clinic™ is our solution to that threat. It’s based upon solid research and our experience providing treatment to families for more than 70 years. For many, it will mean renewed hope for lasting recovery.”

The Council on Recovery’s Relapse & Renewal Clinic™ is located at The Council’s main campus, 303 Jackson Hill Street, Houston, TX 77007.