Council’s First Concert for Recovery with Travis Meadows a Rousing Success

Travis Meadows 4The Council on Recovery’s inaugural Concert for Recovery was held Saturday evening at the Hamill Foundation Conference Center. The enthusiastic audience was captivated by singer/songwriter Travis Meadows’ recovery-inspired songs and blues-hewn voice that demonstrated an amazing vocal range. Weaving his stories with threads of his long struggle getting sober, Travis’ songs, including “Sideways”, “Underdogs” (with audience participation), and “Minefield” touched on the tragedies of addiction and triumphs of recovery.

Telling the crowd of his upcoming 9th anniversary of sobriety, Travis acknowledged the importance of the Concert for Recovery as a venue unlike those in which he typically performs. The atmosphere Saturday evening was one of rapt attention to Travis’ words and music, and an experience-shared understanding of their meaning.

The Concert for Recovery opened with Max Flinn sharing his own songs of the journey from addiction to recovery. Trading-in a business career to follow his dream of being a full-time performer, Max demonstrated talent certain to turn that dream into reality.

The success of the first Concert for Recovery with Travis Meadows has set the stage for future concerts in the series, with an emphasis on bringing in performers who inspire and encourage with their stories and songs.