Start Here: Why “Starting at the Council” is a Good Idea

We often hear from clients after their first visit to The Council on Recovery. They tell us they’re so grateful and wish they had contacted us sooner!  There are many reasons why their sentiments ring true:

  • The Council is a non-profit organization and, like our medical colleagues, we don’t sacrifice quality of staff or cut costs to achieve results.
  • We don’t seek kickbacks or payments from our partners in exchange for referrals.
  • Our donors ensure that we offer the best help available for any family situation, matching up resources to provide timely solutions.
  • Our staff is well-informed and up-to-date on treatment services and programs in our community. Our knowledge of the costs, locations, hours, and staff expertise of other providers means that, if we don’t offer what a family needs, we’ll find a resource partner that does.

The quality of many drug rehabilitation centers is often judged by amenities and not the treatment itself. Research repeatedly confirms that effective treatment is defined first and foremost by the quality and expertise of the staff. Exclusive spas, horses, or special exercise programs are fine accoutrements, but are no replacement for a high-quality treatment staff.  In fact, amenities may actually distract addicts from the real work at hand of achieving sobriety and lasting recovery.

The Council on Recovery goes beyond all other treatment approaches by serving the entire family, not just the addict.  Studies show that relapse it is greatly reduced when the entire family is part of the recovery process. By providing training and understanding to children and spouses, setting limits and expectations after treatment, and creating a process of healing for the whole family, the outcome can be long-term recovery, not just sobriety.

So, when alcoholism, substance abuse or other addiction occurs in your family or afflicts a friend or business colleague, start with the Council on Recovery! Call us first at 855-942-4100. We help thousands of Houstonians and their families find fresh hope for lasting recovery.