Relapse & Renewal Clinic’s Call-Center Answers 500-Pound Phone

Struggling against relapse and the fear of reaching out for help can make the phone feel like it weighs 500 pounds. Fortunately, the call-center at the Relapse & Renewal Clinic™ is staffed by licensed addiction and recovery therapists who are trained to be both compassionate and helpful, and provide immediate help to those in need.

“By listening carefully, asking the right questions, and respecting the caller’s situation, we can assess their needs and suggest the best course of action,” says Lori Fiester, LCSW and Director of The Council on Recovery’s Center for Recovering Families. “For some people, the solution will be the Relapse & Renewal Clinic. For others, it might be our Healing Choices IOP program, or a referral to a residential treatment facility or sober living arrangement. The point is, we want to do what’s best for each person who reaches out to us for help.”

For those people referred to the Relapse & Renewal Clinic, they’ll find a comprehensive outpatient program that combines support, education, group therapy, and personalized treatment to prevent back-sliding (or slipping) and strengthen the desire to stay sober. The intensive four-week program, which includes one-on-one assistance from a Recovery Support Consultant, gives participants sufficient time to practice sobriety skills and better connect with the local recovery community.

The Relapse & Renewal Clinic is an alternative to residential treatment or sober-living facilities when such approaches may not be necessary or affordable. The Clinic is open to all adults, regardless of length of sobriety or number of relapses.

The Relapse & Renewal Clinic is located at The Council on Recovery, 303 Jackson Hill Street, Houston, TX 77007. For more information call 281-200-9290 or visit #RelapseandRenewal