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How Pornography Affects the Teenage Brain - An Infographic

The Council's Mindful Choices course and adolescent counseling provide help for teens

Pornography addiction is an adolescent high-risk behavior that is escalating across all segments of the teenage population. By viewing sexually pornographic material, adolescents may face potential emotional, psychological, social, and physiological disorders and issues. The Infographic below, designed by helpyourteennow.com, illustrates the effects that pornography can have on developing adolescent brains. It can help you understand the problem and start important dialogue with your teen about viewing sexually explicit material.

The Council on Recovery's Center for Recovering Families provides therapeutic counseling for adolescents struggling with pornography addiction.   Mindful Choices is our adolescent high-risk behavior course for teenagers and their parents that addresses these problems in the early, treatable stages. For more information, call 713-914-0556, email CRF@councilonrecovery.org, or contact us online.

Teen Pornography Addiction