Celebrating Recovery Together

A Message from Mel Taylor
President & CEO, The Council on Recovery
National Recovery Month has arrived–with one of our favorite themes: “Join the Voices for Recovery: Our Families, Our Stories, Our Recovery!” highlights the importance of families, communities, and individuals sharing stories of recovery. Unity in the family and community is an important part of The Council’s mission to “keep our community healthy, productive and safe…” In fact, the Center for Recovering Families focuses on family healing as a crucial path to reaching the “wholeness” that comes with true, lifelong recovery.

One of the clearest analogies for family healing is a mobile, like those attached to a baby’s crib. All the pieces need to be balanced and weighted evenly in order for the mobile to work properly. Similarly, a family functions more fully when all family members develop skills for facing their feelings and expressing themselves in healthy ways that lead to balance and wholeness.

Achieving this balance, as an individual or a family, is not as simple as fixing a child’s mobile. It is a long-term process where the journey is as important as the outcome. And looking back, one often sees that each step along the path is what the journey is truly about.

We encourage all of you to participate in Addicted to Comedy, the Run for Recovery or any of the many celebrations this month that will bring individuals, families, and organizations together in support of recovery. Join us in celebrating the joy, freedom, peace and healing that accompany the process of recovery from addiction.