2019 Fall Luncheon with Doria and Craig T. Nelson


Doria’s Bio

Doria Cook-Nelson was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico into an Air force family. She and her family moved often, back and forth across the United States. As an officer, her father chose to be stationed in America providing stability for his growing family rather than the distracting challenges of international travel.

As a teenager she competed AAU, training for the Olympics. As a young adult she was a professional film and television actress trained with Eric Morris and Actors Studio.

In early 70s (until today) she began her traditional and modern internal martial arts training in America and China. She competed in International Martial Arts Forms competitions and became a professional teacher and INSIDE KUNGFU photojournalist for her long-time art of traditional taijiquan.

A UCLA design graduate, she’s been published in Architectural Digest, Interior Design and other high-end architectural design publications, having designed soft home & office art pieces to inspire interior designer projects.

Doria has been a member of Alanon since 1982, attending meetings while traveling internationally with and without her husband Craig T.  She completed four sessions of Celebrate Recovery over a twenty-year period, learning how to enjoy and benefit from applying these communication skills. It’s created personal tools to keep her body & spirit together during professional and neighborhood interactions, and most importantly for her immediate family.

“Any rewards or longevity of love and friendship, I’ve learned, is by keeping my ‘glass half full’, yet ‘half empty’. ‘Healing of one’s self’ has been about transforming young adult adventures into personal spiritual quests, striving to partner with my spiritual higher power, and to value experiences with my church and Alanon group studies.

She met Craig T. Nelson in 1978. They continue taking to heart the adventures of their married path since 1987.

Craig’s Bio

Craig T. Nelson is an Emmy Award–winning actor, writer, director, and producer. He was born in Spokane, Washington.  He attended the University of Arizona majoring in Theater and studied at the Oxford Theater in Los Angeles. Craig T.’s career began as a writer/performer on The Lohman and Barkley Show in Los AngelesHe was also a writer on The Alan King Special and the Tim Conway Show.  He has since been extremely successful in Film, TV, and on Broadway. He has starred in a long list of feature films, the most recent being Book Club and Pixar’s The Incredibles 2 where he reprised his character voice of Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible. Other notable films include The Family Stone, The Proposal, I’m not Rappaport, Poltergeist 1 and 2, The Killing Fields, Silkwood and Osterman Weekend.  

Craig T.’s television series: Parenthood, The District, Coach (for which he won an Emmy), Call to Glory and Chicago Story and he has co-starred and guest starred in numerous other TV projects. He created his own production company, Family Tree Productions.

Craig T. Nelson will, on occasion, speak on the subject of drug abuse and alcohol addiction, an issue that is close to his heart. “I have been in recovery for 35 years and I want to raise awareness and help addicts and alcoholics find programs that offer them a chance for recovery – a chance to have a new life.  Education is the key component.  Addiction is suicide on the installment plan.  You don’t know who is going to be able to recover and who isn’t, but you have to make them aware of the choices available.  It has become such a rampant thing, it’s pervasive and it’s insidious, it affects families so dramatically and so deeply.” States Craig T.

Craig T. loves music and is an avid golfer. He and his wife Doria make their home in Los Angeles.

2019 Addicted to Comedy

Join SRC for their annual Addicted to Comedy event, September 21, 2019.  The year’s headliner is Andy Gold – Andy has been featured on Hulu, Audibles Punch Lines, Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud network on Sirius XM and he just recorded a full length special for Dry Bar Comedy. Andy’s material runs the gamut from sharing colorful jokes about life, dating, jail, rehab, family and recovery and it’s tied together by one thing and one thing only: really big laughs!

Mind-Body Healing Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Take some time for yourself . . . to restore and renew at this special yoga and meditation retreat. This one-day retreat will focus on improving our health and well-being through the connections between mind and body. Come and discover practical Mind-Body Skills for wellness, healing through Restorative Yoga, and deep relaxation in Yoga Nidra Meditation.

Mind-Body Skills . . . Through experiential learning and discussion, we will explore mind-body skills for wellness, stress management, and healing. You will learn techniques for self-care and self-awareness including meditation, expression, and movement. These tools can easily be integrated into your daily life to receive the benefits of being Mindful in Practice.™

Restorative Yoga . . . In this gentle and soothing yoga practice, you will experience conscious mind-body relaxation in supported Restorative Yoga poses to help heal the effects of chronic stress.

Yoga Nidra . . . Commonly known as yogic sleep, this powerful tantric practice of meditation creates an alert state of consciousness in between sleeping and waking. Your awareness will be guided through many levels of mind to the subconscious, and to a state of supreme stillness, calm, and insight.