Mind-Body Healing Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Take some time for yourself . . . to restore and renew at this special yoga and meditation retreat. This one-day retreat will focus on improving our health and well-being through the connections between mind and body. Come and discover practical Mind-Body Skills for wellness, healing through Restorative Yoga, and deep relaxation in Yoga Nidra Meditation.

Mind-Body Skills . . . Through experiential learning and discussion, we will explore mind-body skills for wellness, stress management, and healing. You will learn techniques for self-care and self-awareness including meditation, expression, and movement. These tools can easily be integrated into your daily life to receive the benefits of being Mindful in Practice.™

Restorative Yoga . . . In this gentle and soothing yoga practice, you will experience conscious mind-body relaxation in supported Restorative Yoga poses to help heal the effects of chronic stress.

Yoga Nidra . . . Commonly known as yogic sleep, this powerful tantric practice of meditation creates an alert state of consciousness in between sleeping and waking. Your awareness will be guided through many levels of mind to the subconscious, and to a state of supreme stillness, calm, and insight.


Coming Together for Children and Families

  • Welcome and Overview
  •  Panel discussion: Why do we do this work?
  • Legislative updates
  • Substance abuse and impact on our children in foster care
  • Children of incarcerated parents
  • Trauma-informed care and trust-based relationship interventions
  • Trauma-informed advocacy: Representing your client
  • Early development and why interventions matter