Episode 4 Trailer: Who Answers the Desperate Phone Call for Help?

When people are suffering from the diseases of alcoholism or drug addiction, sometimes there’s a moment of desperation or clarity in which they will ask for help. When they or their loved ones reach out for that help, there’s a dedicated team of professionals, whose stories are seldom told, that form a critical lifeline to treatment and hope. Episode 4 tells the stories of those unsung heroes who answer the calls for help day in and day out, one call after another. Their patience, tolerance, compassion, and ability to not only ask the right questions, but also to provide meaningful feedback, is something few people ever see. Yet, taking that call, and it may be the only call someone in crisis makes, can mean the difference between hope and despair, life and death. Follow Howard Lester behind the scenes as he  takes an inside look at the people in the front-line people in the battle against the diseases of alcoholism and drug addiction.