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Did The Council Support Your Recovery Journey?

Give today to help support other families on their recovery journey.

Each and every day, The Council on Recovery brings hope for recovery to families across Houston. We receive many requests from patients, families, and friends inquiring about ways they can support our mission. The Champions campaign provides an opportunity to say "thank you" and to share the gift of recovery with others.

The money you give will go directly to funding the education, treatment, and support of families impacted by substance use, regardless of their ability to pay.


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Healing Choices is the Center for Recovering Families’ 8-week, intensive outpatient treatment program that can help you recover from addiction and other destructive behaviors.  We believe the key to successful and lasting recovery is to heal both the individual and the family. That’s why Healing Choices includes family members in the treatment process to support you and help heal your family.

Discovering Choices offers our world-class outpatient treatment services to individuals who feel they may not have the financial resources to afford treatment. This program includes specialized treatment tracks for adults, pregnant and parenting women, and individuals with co-occurring psychiatric and substance use disorders. Treatment options are tailored to the needs of individual clients and may include a six-week outpatient treatment program including individual therapy, psychoeducation, and process groups (phase 1); and an eight-week recovery management program to gradually transition participants to the community (phase 2).

We’ve compiled a list of remote recovery support groups and resources