Kids Camp at The Council

A Program for Children from Homes Where There’s Addiction

Kids Camp at The Council provides education and support for girls and boys ages 7-12 to help them stay healthy and safe when their parent has alcoholism or other drug addiction.

Children from homes where there’s addiction face conflict, unpredictable behavior, and broken promises. Rather than feel safe and protected at home, kids incorrectly believe they are the cause of the problems.

The Kids Camp at The Council has helped hundreds of kids and families cope with the difficulties and challenges of addiction. No family is ever turned away from our Kids Camp due to inability to pay.

About Kids Camp at The Council

Kids Camp at The Council teaches kids about the disease of addiction through age-appropriate activities so they realize:

  • Addiction is not their fault
  • They are not alone
  • There are healthy ways to cope with the pain and difficulties they face at home

Children are able to talk openly in a safe, supportive environment and are encouraged to express their feelings, fears, and concerns.

With the care and guidance of skilled licensed counselors, children learn to identify and express their feelings, develop self-care skills, and deepen communication with their parent/caregiver.

The small-group sessions for children include:

  • Role-play exercises
  • Games
  • Artwork
  • Other fun activities

Parents/caregivers join their children on the final day of the program to work on:

  • Opening the lines of communication
  • Sharing feelings and concerns with one another
  • Healing the hurt in their relationships

Registering for Kids Camp at The Council

Each Kids Camp session is intentionally kept small to facilitate personalized attention to each child. Registration is limited and requires an initial assessment to assure the camp is the right fit for each child and family.

Upcoming Kids Camp Dates:

  • January 2-4, 2020
  • March 19-21, 2020

If you’re interested in Kids Camp at The Council for your child, call 281.200.9299, contact us online, or email us at