COVID-19 Relief

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The lingering threats of the Coronavirus pandemic, prolonged social isolation, skyrocketing unemployment, and racial injustice continue to put vulnerable populations at risk of trauma, substance abuse, relapse and other mental health conditions.

Please give today to help support The Council's work during this critical time and to ensure we can continue to serve the families that need us now more than ever. Your gift will help sustain The Council's work in the fight against addiction during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are finding creative ways to continue our work, and we won't compromise on the quality of our care.

"Telehealth has been a wonderful tool to aide me in my recovery, especially during the trying times that the world finds itself in right now. Social, emotional and financial pressures have been multiplied greatly, but it's nice to have the resources available for me to reach out and discuss whatever issues I'm facing."

Council Client

"Telehealth combined with the support of my recovery coach has provided a stable foundation on which I have flourished. COVID-19 has demanded changes from us that have not been easy to deal with, but I have stayed true to my recovery."

Council Client

"The Council has gone above and beyond through virtual online care to make sure that I feel safe, stay out of isolation, and remain steadfast in my recovery plan during COVID-19. I don't know what I would do or where I would be without my virtual recovery community."

Council Client

"Being able to continue services using telehealth allowed me to offer my middle and high school students support during this challenging time. This helped them to build routines, find a small sense of normalcy and strengthen their coping skills."

CHOICES Counselor

"Telehealth services have provided a unique opportunity for social interaction and normalcy during an otherwise traumatic, solitary collective experience."

MOMMIES Staff Member