Center for Recovering Families IOP Program Completion Rate Twice the National Average

The Council on Recovery’s Center for Recovering Families posted a 74% completion rate per episode of care for its Healing Choices intensive outpatient treatment program (IOP) during the 2018 fiscal year. This rate of completion is 14% higher than 2017 and more than twice the national average reported in the most recent survey by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

The rate of completion is based on discharge data routinely tracked by treatment facilities and reported to SAMHSA, and may be one of the best indicators of program success. In the case of Healing Choices, nearly three-quarters of the clients who entered this intensive eight-week outpatient treatment program completed it and many continued in the Center’s aftercare program. The latest national data provided by SAMHSA indicates the average completion rate for IOP programs is only 32%.

Lori Fiester, Clinical Director of the Center for Recovering Families, gives credit for the success of the Healing Choices program to her dedicated staff. “They have been the ones facilitating these treatment groups,” Fiester says, “and behind every great group facilitator is a whole team that touch on the clients and their families with their assessment and individual and family sessions.”

The Center for Recovering Families provides a wide range of clinical services and counseling for individuals and families across the entire spectrum of mental health and substance use disorders. Since becoming part of The Council on Recovery in 2002, the Center has helped thousands with programs aimed at prevention, education, treatment, recovery for children, adolescents, and adults. Healing Choices is the flagship of the Center for Recovering families, and is unique among IOP programs in its ability to help individuals and their families recover.

“While the data confirms the success of Healing Choices,” Fiester says, “it’s our people who make that happen. The connections they make with their clients, paired with their therapeutic skills, are unparalleled.”

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