Board Leadership


Board of Trustees 
Jim Braniff, IV, Chairman of the Board
Howard Lester, Vice Chairman
Jerry England, Treasurer
Angela Pisecco, Secretary
Lauren Anderson
Ileana Blanco
Bob Candito
Ike Epley
Mark Gorman
Cathy Herrington Hale
Andy Johnston
Will Kopp
Brad Lindig
Clark S. Lord
Jeffrey Miller
Kelly Miller
Harlan Murphy
Bob Newhouse
Lad Rack
Dennis Robinson
Brad Sears
Diane St. Yves
Craig Taylor
David Taylor
Carol Trahan
Carol Warley
Rodney Wilson


Administrative Leadership

Chief Executive Officer
William M. “Mel” Taylor, MSW

Chief Business Development Officer
Monica Brown-Broussard, MBA

Chief Operations Officer
Mary Beck, LMSW, CAI

Chief Accounting Officer
Sarah F. Searle, MSW, CPA


The Foundation for The Council on Recovery


Board of Trustees
Jack Daniel, Chairman of the Board
Gary Petersen, Vice Chairman
Greg Armstrong
Rob Arnold
Carol Farnsworth
Julie Goudie
Maria Hendershott
Miriam McHenry
Marc Melcher
Jerri Duddlesten Moore
Dean Quinn
Ellen Rutherford
Gregg Thompson

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