Clients often send letters and emails of gratitude, telling us how we have helped them or a loved one to grow and overcome an addiction or related issue. These are their own stories, in their own words.

Adult Services Testimonials

“It was never my intention to become a drunk or an addict and I was ashamed that I had. Making the decision to come into treatment longer than 90 days was a hard thing for me. Thank you for making this process as painless as possible, but still helping me face my pain. Thank you for the opportunity and time to change my life.”
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Family Services Testimonials

“I’m Lauren. I’m an alcoholic. I started my journey to recovery in August 2010 @ The Right Step. My counselor there recommended I do an Intensive Outpatient Program after my residential stay expired. I was scared to death! I knew I wanted to stay sober, I also knew that I’d do whatever it took to stay sober. My time in residential treatment was not enough for me. Money was tight, I do not have insurance and my parents came up with the money to pay for rehab. I was not about to ask for another couple thousand dollars for IOP. I prayed. I asked my counselor if there were any Intensive Outpatient Programs in Houston that provided partial and/or full scholarship funds. She mentioned that the Houston Council for Drug & Alcohol Abuse did. By the grace of GOD & the generosity of donations made to the center, I was able to receive a scholarship! I started and completed Healing Choices, an 8 week IOP. I am not who I was when I started Healing Choices. I believe that God puts certain situations and people in our lives for a specific reason. I am so grateful he placed the Council in my path. The people I met, the relationships formed and the emotional insight I gained from the program were life changing! I will forever cherish my time in Healing Choices & the tools I acquired to continue on my journey through sobriety!”
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Child and Adolescent Services Testimonials

“On the first morning of Kids Camp, one of the boys, Carl, openly cried when talking about a wish for his family, expressing how they had all been separated due to both of his parents’ drug addictions. Adam, the boy sitting next to him, reached over in empathy and patted his shoulder. They had just met. These two boys from different backgrounds became fast friends and exchanged phone numbers at the end of the four-days. Each found comfort in realizing that they were not alone.”
Children’s Therapist, The Council on Recovery
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Education and Counseling in Schools Testimonials

“I didn’t know what to expect from the [Reconnecting Youth] program and I didn’t know how the program could help me. My teacher informed me that this program was a prevention education program, designed to prevent students from abusing drugs and dropping out of school. I’m 19, I’m a senior and I’m almost out of school but I drink every now and then. With the help of this program and my group members I was able to set goals to work on that. Now instead of drinking to fit in, I am able to feel comfortable with myself of not fitting in, because the group I once felt that I needed to fit into, I now see I shouldn’t fit with them anyways…”
Scott B.
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