The Center for Recovering Families provides safe, confidential therapeutic and educational services for individuals and their family members who struggle with issues related to substance abuse or addiction, such as compulsive behaviors, co-occurring mental health issues, trauma, grief, and relational problems.

The Center offers an intensive outpatient program designed to treat individuals with addictive and co-occurring disorders within the context of their family of origin and current family system. Clients work with their primary clinician throughout our treatment approach, Healing Choices®, to create an individualized plan identifying their goals, action steps to reach agreed-upon goals, and support to evaluate their progress. We highly value the philosophy brought about by the 12 Step Recovery Model and use it as a philosophy that informs our care.

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For information on the Center for Recovering Families, please call 713.914.0556.

We promise to help you, your family, and your children get the help you need when dealing with substance abuse, addiction or a related issue.


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